Shoe care guide

General information

To take proper care of your shoes doesnt take much time, but it will definetely make your shoes look a lot better and prolong the life of your shoes. If you take good care of a pair of high quality shoes they will last and look great for many years to come. This guide will take you through the basic parts of shoe care and will give you a good head start when it comes to taking proper care of your shoes. Please note that we have more guides that go in more depth for some of the parts like cleaning and how to create a spitshine.

Step 1 - Everyday care after each use

When you are done wearing your shoes for the day, insert a pair of high quality shoe trees as soon as you can. A pair of high quality shoe trees will smoth out wrinkles and creases and stretch out the sole to help your shoes maintain their shape. It will also absorb moisture which will keep them fresh and prolong the life of the shoes.
After you have inserted the shoe trees, use a horse hair brush to brush the shoes quickly to remove any dirt or dust from the shoes. This procedure wont take more than a minute and will really help your shoes look good and last over time.
Always try to let your shoes rest for 24 hours after you have used them. Its much better to have a couple of pairs and rotate them instead of wearing 1 pair until its totally worn out. Its not possible for everyone to invest in many high quality shoes at once, but its very good if you can have at least two pairs in your rotation.


Products used in this step : Cedar shoe trees and Saphir shoe brush

Step 2 - Caring and protection (every 5 uses)

After about 5 uses (or when you see its needed) its good to apply some high quality shoe cream to your shoes. It will nourish and give a boost to the leather and if you choose a colored shoe cream it will cover small scratches and marks that will occur over time. It will also protect the shoes from dust and dirt from penetrating the leather. We recommend Saphir Creme Pommadier or Glen Karen Shoe Cream which is two very high quality shoe creams.
Never use protection spray on smoth leather shoes. It will seal the leather and make the leather impossible to breath wich will destroy the leather over time.

Make sure that your shoes is clean before you apply the shoe cream. Put some cream on a cloth on or a applicatior brush and apply a very thin even layer on the upper leather of the shoe. Some people prefer a cloth since its a bit easier to get the shoe cream applied evenly. Along the welt of the shoe its always good to use a brush since its hard to get the cream to cover the full area along the welt with your fingers. Let the shoes rest for 5-10 minutes so the leather have time to absorb the cream. Then use a horse hair brush to even out the cream and to remove any excess cream.


Products used in this step : Saphir Creme Pommadier, Saphir cotton cloth, Saphir shoe brush, Applicator brush.

Step 3 - Refreash and recolor the suede

After the shoes is completely dry, brush them with a Suede crepe brush or a brush with hard brushed like boar bristles or a horse hair brush with slightly shorter hair. This procedure will refluff and lift the suede fibers and this will make sure the layer of colored suede spray will spread out even over the whole shoe. We recommend to use Saphir Suede Renovateur Spray wich is available in neutral, black, dark brown and medium brown. If your shoes has another color we recommend the Saphir Renovetine Spray wich is available in light brown, burgundy and navy blue.

Insert shoe trees in the shoes, place the shoes on a surface that isnt sensitive for stains and spray the shoes from a distance of 15-20 cm. Let them rest for 24 hours to make sure the colored spray is completely dry. When they are totally dry you can finish the full process by doing step 1 in this guide to seal the color and to apply extra protection against dirt, water and snow.


General advice

When you take care of your suede shoes like above its still one part of the shoes that might need some extra care. If the sole edge of your shoes is a bit worn, use some dark wax like Saphir Pate De Luxe to recolor the sole edges wich will make them look just as good as the suede after your renovation process.